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Challenges in the FinTech Industry


Fintech companies often face complex regulatory environments that can be difficult to navigate and require significant resources to comply with.


As fintech companies collect and store sensitive financial information, they must be vigilant about protecting against cyber attacks and data breaches.


Many consumers still prefer traditional financial institutions, which can make it challenging for fintech firms to gain trust and build a customer base.


As fintech continues to grow, the industry is becoming increasingly crowded, with more companies vying for market share and consumer attention.

Financial sustainability

Fintech startups often require significant investment in technology and infrastructure before they can start generating revenue.

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Case Study

12 cases
Social Network iOS and Android app for Seniors
Empowering Content Producers: Building a B2B Media Platform
Developing a product for a commercial mortgage company with a marketplace of over $1 billion in closed transactions
Multicurrency business account with lowest fees on the market
Digital platform where qualified investors can invest in the best venture capital opportunities
Agile Banking: use laptop, tablet or desktop
Enabling a community of investors to connect to entrepreneurs and innovate the modern
Cybersecurity integration system for the safe digital world
Developing a versatile and stable banking system
​​Next Generation of Payment and Trading System​
Web application for aggregating business data​ 
EWA is the electronic future of the insurance policy in Ukraine 

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