Agile Banking: use laptop, tablet or desktop
March 24, 2023
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Our Client specializes in E-money accounts and payment services, and they sought our help in creating an all-in-one solution for money tasks.  

Their idea was to develop a full-fledged replacement for traditional bank accounts in terms of domestic settlements via SEPA or international settlements via SWIFT.  







The Client had the bare bones of the project, and it was our responsibility to develop it to its full potential.  

Due to it being a financial platform, it required a delicate approach and careful consideration. 

The primary site's UI/UX needed to be improved, and we also had to modify the onboarding steps' logic and organization for new users, and include tools for tracking, reporting, and managing your accounts.  





Our decision was to make the site adaptive for different devices, add the possibility of multilingualism, and fix existing bugs. 

We simplified the onboarding process for new customers, added the ability to control and report accounts by requesting a statement for a period and for a separate transaction. 

The project took a year to finish. Our team consisted of:  

  • 1 PM
  • 1 Backend Developer
  • 1 Frontend Developer
  • 1 DevOps 





We’ve used the latest technologies and libraries:  

Front-End stack:  

  • React + Typescript,  
  • MobX 
  • Styled component, 
  • Formik+Yup
  • GraphQL + Apollo Client 


  • TS,  
  • Elastic,
  • Redis, 
  • Apollo-federation,  
  • GraphQL,
  • Postgres,  
  • Aws-sdk 






Our Client received a well-rounded product that wholly aligned with their wishes. It has 24/7 access to your finances, where you can control and manage everything you need, create as many users as your business require and give them full, limited, or view-only rights.  


The business account supports 24 currencies in which you can receive, hold and send funds, as well as transfer and receive any amount without limits and additional fees. 

Thanks to our improvements, the product is now more accessible and easier to use, which will lead to more users giving it a try 




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