Empowering Content Producers: Building a B2B Media Platform
August 30, 2023
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Our Client approached us with a complex project requiring the implementation of a design, server infrastructure, web client, mobile apps, smart TV apps, custom cryptocurrency, and integration with various third-party services. The primary challenge was to develop a B2B media platform that allowed content producers to create their own media portals, publish and sell content to regular users using both fiat currency and cryptocurrency, while ensuring all transactions were securely recorded on the blockchain. 






The project faced challenges with unclear requirements and design modifications during development. The team resolved this by closely collaborating with the client and iterating on the design during implementation. 



Short Delivery Cycle and Simultaneous Development: The project had a tight delivery schedule of one week and required the development of multiple components simultaneously. The team effectively managed resources and prioritized tasks to ensure timely delivery. c. Changing Requirements and Deadline Pressure: Additional change requests during development and a short project timeline presented challenges. The team remained agile, adapting to changing requirements, and prioritizing essential features to meet the deadline. 





  • To address the client's requirements, our team developed a comprehensive solution that included the following components: 
  • B2B Media Platform: Designed to enable content producers to create their own media portals.

  • Transaction Security: Implemented blockchain technology to ensure secure transactions for content purchases.

  • DRM-based Licensing: Enabled secure content playback with digital rights management (DRM) based on different licensing options across various devices.

  • Internal Marketplace: Integrated a marketplace where regular users could resell purchased content.

  • Design Implementation: Developed web portal, mobile apps, and smart TV apps, following the provided design specifications.

  • Infrastructure and Database: Utilized .NET Core for the server, React for the web client, and AWS infrastructure with QLDB and PostgreSQL databases.

  • Cryptocurrency Integration: Integrated the Ethereum blockchain for the custom cryptocurrency functionality.

  • Content Management Studio: Developed a content management studio for content producers to manage their media. 



Our team consisted of: 


  • 3 Backend Developers (including 1 student) 
  • 4 Front-End Developers (including 2 students)
  • 1 Business Analyst
  • 1 Project Manager 





We’ve used the latest technologies such as: 


  • Server: .NET Core

  • Web: React

  • Infrastructure: AWS Infrastructure

  • Database: QLDB, PostgreSQL

  • Mobile: Android, iOS

  • Smart TV: Android TV, Apple TV

  • Cryptocurrency: Ethereum

  • Design: Figma 







Our team successfully developed and implemented various key components, including the B2B media platform, transaction security using blockchain, DRM-based licensing, and the content management studio. 


By leveraging a tech stack comprising .NET Core, React, AWS infrastructure, QLDB, PostgreSQL, and Ethereum, we were able to build a robust and scalable platform that would have empowered content producers to establish their own media portals and efficiently distribute their content to regular users. The integration of custom cryptocurrency and the internal marketplace would have provided additional monetization opportunities for both content producers and users. 


The case study highlights the complexity of the project, the technological solutions employed, and the team's ability to adapt to evolving requirements. 




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