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March 14, 2023
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Our client has a strong background in banking and investments and they decided to put their experience to use by creating a completely new and modern approach to investments.  



Our client wanted to create a mobile technology platform, where accredited investors can participate in top venture capital opportunities alongside institutional investors. A platform, where with just a click of a mouse you can buy and sell stocks directly, with the help of a robot broker.   






Our goal was to develop a platform that allows accredited investors, such as institutional investors, to have easier access to investment in the best venture capital prospects.  


Through this platform investor community provides funding as well as strong contacts to support entrepreneurs and suggest promising prospects to venture firms. 


Since this platform caters to Accredited Investors, Entrepreneurs, and Venture Funds, and acts essentially like online banking, it required a significant amount of third-party verification services. For example, KYC (know your client) service we used ComplyCube, a leading platform for automating Identity Verification (IDV) and (KYC) compliance workflows.  


Some of the third-party services included: 


  • Plaid - user identification and bank account management
  • Dwollafor wallet
  • SVB - financial transactions 
  • ComplyCube – KYC 
  • Google Geolocation API 
  • Equifax for liability 
  • GetStream.io - chat 
  • HubSpot – CRM 
  • DocuSign - documents signing 
  • FINRA - for accredited investor verification 
  • Twilio – mails 
  • Firebase for push-notification 
  • Quickbooks for transaction log 





The client had only an idea, all designing, project leading, planning, and implementation was performed by FIVE. 


We developed an automated investment robot (I.e. robot broker), that provides identity checks, and financial status checks, validates accreditation as an investor, and checks if there are any sanctions on it, after that, it has the opportunity to invest in one or several funds which are being configured in a HubSpot 


After signing the contract, a money exchange is established through either their bank account (Silicone Valley Bank) or to transfer some money from several accounts to their private wallet (Dwolla).  


The user can browse all the relevant Investment funds news and subscribe to and join zoom webinars, check the status of their investments.   


There’s a support chat feature, as well as a common chat where one can find like-minded people and discuss all the relevant industry information.  


Due to this project being quite difficult on the third-party services front, we encountered several complications during the integration process. For example, during chats integration and there was a request to make a news channel. The service we were using did not provide such functionality, and we had to solve it in a different way. 


This project took us half a year to bring to completion, and our team consisted of the following 


  • 3 Backend Developers 
  • 2 iOS Developers 
  • 1 QA
  • 1 Designer  
  • 1 PM 




We’ve used the latest technologies and libraries as:  


  • .NET core 
  • SQL 
  • EF 
  • iOS SwiftUI
  • WebPage React
  • Plaid   







We created Automated Broker Software, a tool that vastly improves the investment industry, broadens its availability, and enables accredited investors to invest in top-tier venture capital opportunities 


This platform gives you exclusive access to curated venture capital opportunities and funds, uses an end-to-end digital process on your mobile, and creates a diversified portfolio based on your personal asset allocation strategy. 


Five developed an outstanding automatic broker platform, bringing to life the exact vision of our client. We believe that it’ll not only improve the overall experience of users but also brings us closer to the fully digitalized future!  






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