Social Network iOS and Android app for Seniors
May 14, 2024
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60Plus is a social network catering to individuals aged 60 and above. It provides a platform for seniors to connect in interest-based clubs, share photos, and explore investment opportunities for passive income. 



The client hired FIVE to create Android and iOS applications completely from scratch.  






Our team had to create both the Android and iOS apps, as well as design the whole look of the application completely from scratch.  

60Plus allows its users to join or create clubs based on their interests and hobbies. These clubs serve as virtual gathering places where members can share their experiences, hobbies, and knowledge. 



Users can share their cherished memories with friends and family through photo-sharing features. This helps seniors maintain connections with loved ones, even if they are geographically distant. 



One of the unique aspects of 60Plus is the inclusion of investment opportunities. Seniors can explore various projects and initiatives for passive income, which can be a source of financial security during retirement. 



The platform enables users to schedule events and activities, fostering a sense of community and engagement. This feature can be used to plan gatherings, discussions, and other events. 



The platform provides avenues for learning and personal growth. Seniors can access educational resources, engage in discussions, and learn from their peers. 



60Plus offers a chat system like popular messaging apps like Telegram. This feature allows real-time communication, further enhancing the social experience for seniors. 








The project involved the development of a social network for individuals aged 60 and above. The platform allows users to engage in interest-based clubs, as well as clubs focused on investment for passive income. It offers features such as event scheduling and learning opportunities among friends. The project primarily consists of iOS and Android applications, and it includes a comprehensive chat system similar to Telegram. 

Our team consisted of 8 people: 


  • 1 Back-End Developer 
  • 1 DevOps 
  • 2 Project Manager 
  • 1 Web Developer 
  • 1 Designer 
  • 1 iOS Developer 
  • 1 Android Developer 







  • NestJs: Selected as the best framework for Node.js development. 
  • Postgres: Chosen for its flexibility, speed, and scalability as the database. 
  • Sequelize: Used as a flexible, fast, and easy-to-use ORM. 


Front-end App: 

  • Dart + Flutter: Dart was chosen for its simplicity and efficiency, compiling to native code for high performance. Flutter allowed for cross-platform mobile app development from a single codebase. 

Front-end Admin Panel:

  • React + TypeScript: React was chosen for its rapid development, ease of understanding, and cross-platform capabilities. TypeScript enhances code quality and modularity, making it easier to work in a team. 








The team was helpful in providing a high-quality and professional approach to application development. They successfully fulfilled all client requirements and tasks. Any requested changes were executed professionally and with the utmost quality. is a social networking platform designed specifically for seniors, catering to individuals aged 60 and above. This unique online community provides a range of features and services that aim to enhance the lives of older individuals, foster social connections, and offer opportunities for personal growth and financial stability. Here are some additional details about the product: 



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