Mobile Applications


Programming Languages

C++, C# and .NET Core, Java, PHP, Python, Node.js, Ruby, Scala

Major Technologies

AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Kubernetes, Apache Kafka, Rabbit MQ, Amazon MQ, Docker, Amazon ECS, Elasticsearch, Solr, CDN Networks


Azure SQL, MySQL, DocumentDB, MongoDB, DynamoDB, Amazon RDS, Oracle DB, Google Cloud SQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Redis, OrientDB, Cassandra, Couch DB

Several reasons why it is reliable with us
  • Free consultation from our mobile and design experts. 2 weeks of Business Analyst work for free when contract is signed.
  • Fixed price Discovery Phase that includes UI\UX, backlog, architecture and technologies selection
  • Five owns a big design department with wide and complete mobile portfolio. This gives us flexibility to manage full development and design lifecycle inside the company
  • Product promotion and SEO consultation for Google Play Market and AppStore.

Case studies

Venelite-NDA site-min

Enabling a community of investors to connect to entrepreneurs and innovate the modern

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Modlin-NDA site-min

Cutting-edge educational solution that enhances student’s performance

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FindMe-NDA site-min

Effective and convenient application for job seekers to navigate their career with confidence

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Constru-NDA site-min

AI-powered construction solution that turns imagery into insights and brings extraordinary outcomes

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NDA site (19)-min

​​The largest and most trusted marketplace for diamonds and jewelry​

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Xtrodes site-min

Magnificent Healthcare application for Android Tablet

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NDA site (13)-min

Creating a volunteer platform where those in need can get the assistance they require 

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NDA site (10)

The best place to watch movies, tv-shows and for streaming videos

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NDA site (9)-min

Brand-new Android cybersecurity communication app crucial for protecting user’s privacy

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NeoBank site (1)-min

Developing a versatile and stable banking system

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NDA site (12)-min

iOS communication app that improves the work process of the healthcare professionals

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NDA site (6)-min (1)

FIVE's Innovative Connectivity Solution Enables Feature-Rich Digital Guitar Experience with Smartphone and Speakers

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NDA site (5)

Musical Application For Entertainment ​

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Vimmy site

​​Video Streaming Platform and Android TV application​

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NDA site (9)

Application for a Wholesale Distributor of Motor Fuels​

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TV site

The most accurate application of currently available TV content

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Onwallet site

​​Next Generation of Payment and Trading System​

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ok2go site

​​GPS Tracker for workers’ control and reporting​

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Rapaport site (1)

Super easy to use multiple diamond comparison and search application  

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EWA site (1)

EWA is the electronic future of the insurance policy in Ukraine 

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