Mobile Applications


Programming Languages

C++, C# and .NET Core, Java, PHP, Python, Node.js, Ruby, Scala

Major Technologies

AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Kubernetes, Apache Kafka, Rabbit MQ, Amazon MQ, Docker, Amazon ECS, Elasticsearch, Solr, CDN Networks


Azure SQL, MySQL, DocumentDB, MongoDB, DynamoDB, Amazon RDS, Oracle DB, Google Cloud SQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Redis, OrientDB, Cassandra, Couch DB

Several reasons why it is reliable with us
  • Free consultation from our mobile and design experts. 2 weeks of Business Analyst work for free when contract is signed.
  • Fixed price Discovery Phase that includes UI\UX, backlog, architecture and technologies selection
  • Five owns a big design department with wide and complete mobile portfolio. This gives us flexibility to manage full development and design lifecycle inside the company
  • Product promotion and SEO consultation for Google Play Market and AppStore.

Case studies

DocdocHealth Clutch

Delivering Personalized Healthcare  

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