UI/UX Services


Programming Languages

C++, C# and .NET Core, Java, PHP, Python, Node.js, Ruby, Scala


Major Technologies

AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Kubernetes, Apache Kafka, Rabbit MQ, Amazon MQ, Docker, Amazon ECS, Elasticsearch, Solr, CDN Networks



Azure SQL, MySQL, DocumentDB, MongoDB, DynamoDB, Amazon RDS, Oracle DB, Google Cloud SQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Redis, OrientDB, Cassandra, Couch DB

Several reasons why it is reliable with us
  • Fixed price design and discovery phase for your project
  • Stable team of experts who have worked in collaboration with engineers for a long time.
  • Wide portfolio and recognizable designs
  • All modern tools and approaches. All types of design services

Case studies

Venelite-NDA site-min

Enabling a community of investors to connect to entrepreneurs and innovate the modern

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FindMe-NDA site-min

Effective and convenient application for job seekers to navigate their career with confidence

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NDA site (19)-min

​​The largest and most trusted marketplace for diamonds and jewelry​

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NDA site (13)-min

Creating a volunteer platform where those in need can get the assistance they require 

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Rapaport site (1)

Super easy to use multiple diamond comparison and search application  

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Xtrodes site (1)

 Magnificent Healthcare application for Android Tablet 

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