Five redesigns and updates the functionality of a Patent Bureau firm
May 14, 2024
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The client, Patent Bureau, is a firm specializing in intellectual property services, including patents, trademarks, industrial designs, copyright, legal protection, IT project support, online commerce support, consulting, commercialization, and intellectual property evaluation. Their expertise extends to various aspects of intellectual property law and corporate law. 



They approached us with a visually outdated website that required a redesign and the incorporation of new functionality. The primary goal was to modernize the website's appearance while retaining its corporate identity. 






From a design perspective, the main challenge was the drastic improvement needed to bring the website up to modern standards. The old design was outdated and did not reflect the professionalism of the client's services. We overcame this challenge by completely revamping the design to create a visually appealing and contemporary website. 






Our solution focused on revamping the website's design and adding a content management system (CMS) through an admin panel for ease of content updates. The project was not built from scratch but rather enhanced the existing structure with a strong emphasis on visual improvements. 


The website redesign was completed in 50 hours. The project was executed by a small team consisting of 1 designer and 1 PHP developer. 

In addition to the core aspects of the project, we incorporated several key features and accomplishments: 


  • Custom Content Management System: We developed a bespoke content management system (CMS) that is adaptable to the client's specific needs. This CMS empowers the client to customize and manage their website content effortlessly, providing flexibility for future updates. 


  • Multilingual Content: Recognizing the importance of reaching a diverse audience, we implemented multilingual functionality to ensure that content could be presented in multiple languages. This feature enhances the website's accessibility to a broader global audience. 


  • Structured Code Organization: Our team prioritized a well-structured codebase, allowing for the seamless integration of additional functionalities using existing components. Furthermore, we ensured that the website could accommodate entirely independent features that do not need to conform to the existing system's standards. 


These additional features contribute to the overall success of the project by enhancing user engagement, content management capabilities, and the potential for future expansion. 








We’ve used the latest technologies and libraries as:  


  • PHP 8.2 
  • MySql 
  • Memcached 
  • Laravel 10 
  • HTML5 
  • VueJs 3 
  • Bootstrap 5.2 







The client was satisfied with the results of the website redesign. We successfully transformed the website, making it more modern while preserving its corporate colours and maintaining a professional and refined look. 


Our collaboration with the Patent Bureau led to a significant improvement in their online presence. The redesigned website now aligns with their expertise in intellectual property services, offering a visually appealing and user-friendly experience to their clients. 


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