Seamless Gaming on Android for a gaming platform that offers a unique gaming experience
May 14, 2024
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Objective:, is a gaming platform that offers a unique gaming experience, allowing users to play a variety of games, watch broadcasts, and engage in the buying and selling of digital assets within the gaming ecosystem. 


They had a published desktop application that served as a gaming platform, but they needed to expand their reach and provide a mobile solution for Android users. The goal was to develop a native Android app that would support most of the features available on the desktop app. 





Throughout the project, we faced several challenges, including: 


  • Working with team members located in different countries required effective communication and collaboration. We addressed this challenge by establishing clear communication channels and regular meetings to ensure alignment among team members. 

  • Collaborating with designers to deliver an optimal user experience for Android users was crucial. We conducted thorough UX research and design reviews to enhance the app's usability and aesthetics. 

  • Integrating third-party solutions for NFT and crypto operations demanded careful planning and execution. We successfully integrated Venly for NFT operations and ensured secure and reliable blockchain-related functionalities using web3j. 


The mobile app development project was completed in a relatively short time frame to meet the client's requirements efficiently. 



Team Composition: 


  • Android Developers: 2 
  • Quality Assurance (QA): 2 
  • Project Manager: 1 
  • Tech Leader: 1 
  • Designer: 1 





Our team embarked on the development of a native Android app tailored to meet the specific needs of users. This mobile application was designed to provide a seamless and feature-rich gaming experience on Android devices. 







We leveraged a robust tech stack to deliver a high-quality mobile app. Our tech stack included: 

  • Kotlin 
  • MVVM architecture,  
  • Navigation component,
  • Retrofit 2,
  • GSON,
  • Coil for image loading
  • Koin for dependency injection,
  • Room for local data storage,
  • Okta for user authentication,
  • Lottie for animations,
  • Firebase for various functionalities,
  • Venly for NFT (Non-Fungible Token) operations
  • web3j for blockchain-related functionalities





The key accomplishments of this project include the successful development and release of the native Android app on the Google Play Store. We continue to provide ongoing support and maintenance for the app while actively working on the implementation of new features to enhance the gaming experience for users. 


Our collaboration with resulted in the creation of a feature-rich native Android app, expanding the reach of the gaming platform to a wider audience. The project's success was driven by effective communication, international collaboration, and the strategic use of advanced technologies in the app's development. We remain committed to delivering ongoing value to our client and their users through continuous improvement and feature enhancements. 



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Gaming app

Seamless Gaming on Android for a gaming platform that offers a unique gaming experience

May 14, 2024

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