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February 14, 2024
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Our client, Sowat, operates in the real estate investment industry. They provide scalable solutions for both clients and administrators to efficiently manage real estate investments. 



Sowat approached us with the challenge of creating a versatile platform. They needed a solution that would allow their clients to view and invest in properties while offering an admin panel for comprehensive management. The goal was to build a robust and scalable system that could handle the complexities of real estate investment. 






Throughout the project, the team faced several challenges, including:



  • Ensuring Data Security.
  • Integrating third-party services for Token Transactions.
  • Implementing Document Signing. 



These challenges were resolved through meticulous planning, technical expertise, and rigorous testing to ensure the security and functionality of the platform. 






Our solution involved the development of a two-part platform. The first part caters to clients, enabling them to explore and invest in real estate properties. The second part is an administrative panel designed for efficient platform management. Both components are connected to a robust backend infrastructure.



The project spanned three months and involved a small, dedicated team comprising one Frontend Developer and one Backend Developer. 







We’ve used the latest technologies and libraries as:



React: Used for its component-based architecture, which makes the codebase more maintainable and scalable. 

Next.js 13: For server-side rendering, improving SEO and performance. 

TypeScript: To add static typing, improving code quality and maintainability. 

Redux Toolkit: For efficient state management, making it easier to handle complex state logic. 

SCSS: For more structured and maintainable CSS. 

Material-UI (MUI): For pre-built UI components, speeding up the development process. 

Formik: For form handling, validation, and error messaging. 

i18n: For internationalization, it is easier to adapt the platform for different languages. 

Backend: Node.js for its performance and scalability 








Our successful integration with various third-party services, such as token transactions, document signing, and verification, greatly expanded the platform's capabilities, elevating its overall functionality.



We developed an intuitive interface that ensures a seamless experience for clients and administrators. It simplifies navigation and aids users in making well-informed investment choices.


For efficient platform management, we created platforms tailored for both clients and administrators. These platforms incorporate secure transaction processes for property investments and offer a suite of versatile tools.  



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