Android Point of Sale Ticketing Platform
May 14, 2024
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Our Client is a pioneering player in the ticketing platform industry. Their commitment to delivering an experience-centric approach to ticketing has earned them a prominent position in the market. With a strong focus on providing innovative solutions, They have garnered a reputation for excellence and reliability. 



Their goal was to develop a specialized Android application for Point of Sale (POS) devices, a ticketing platform that would allow seamless ticket sales, scanning, and status updates. 






The primary challenge revolved around the intricate nature of POS devices. With numerous features tied to specific hardware, testing and ensuring functionality became a complex endeavour. The limitation of device access further compounded this challenge. 






To address these challenges, we embarked on a comprehensive Android application development journey. Our team leveraged cutting-edge technologies, including Kotlin, RxKotlin, and Retrofit, to craft a robust and responsive solution. Additionally, we implemented the USB Host/Accessory API and NeptuneLite SDK to enable seamless device communication and POS-related functionalities. 





We’ve used the latest technologies and libraries as:  


  • Kotlin: Chosen for its adaptability and strength in Android app development. 

  • RxKotlin: Utilized for its reactive programming capabilities, ensuring smooth user interactions. 

  • Retrofit: Employed for efficient API communication. 

  • USB Host/Accessory API: Implemented for device communication. 

  • NeptuneLite SDK: Utilized for POS-specific features. 







Over two years, we delivered a bespoke Android application tailored to the Client's specific requirements. This application empowered them to revolutionize its ticketing operations, offering users a seamless experience for ticket sales, scanning, and real-time status updates. Despite the limitations posed by device-specific functionalities, our collaboration with the Client yielded a robust solution, setting new standards in ticketing platform efficiency. 



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