SpeakNow: Revamping an EdTech Platform for Enhanced User Experience
September 5, 2023
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An Israeli company launched an online service dedicated to helping individuals learn English. Their platform aimed to connect students with English tutors, providing a valuable educational resource. As their business evolved in the edtech sector, they encountered various technical challenges that required expert solutions. 







The client approached our team with several pressing issues and a desire to enhance their platform: 

  • Bug Fixes: Addressing critical bugs in their mail services. 
  • Optimization: Improving platform performance and user experience.
  • New Functionality: Integrating and synchronizing CRM, Admin panel, and databases.
  • Transitioning from Tranzilla payment system to Green Invoice while ensuring data synchronization with the CRM.
  • Adding automated online meeting functionality via Google Meet.
  • Connecting Green Invoice payment system with Airtable for efficient transaction data management. 




The project initially faced significant challenges, because previous developers had limited responsiveness, impeding the onboarding process. The Legacy Code also had difficulties, both frontend and backend had outdated and poorly documented code, necessitating time-consuming code refactoring and reverse engineering. 


Our approach was straightforward: we diligently tackled each task outlined by the client. This comprehensive solution encompassed a range of technical implementations to meet their needs. 


Frontend and Design teams started work around May-June, while the Backend team commenced work in July. As of the time of this case study, the project is ongoing. 




We’ve used the latest technologies and libraries such as:  

Cloud Databases:  

  • MySQL 
  • DynamoDB 


  • BitBucket Pipelines 



  • Twillio 
  • Firebase 


Backend stack 

  • Spring Boot,
  • Java 8,  
  • Node JS.  
  • AWS (RDS,  
  • EBS,  
  • S3,  
  • CloudWatch,  
  • EC2,  
  • SQS),  
  • Hibernate + JPA2,  
  • EHCache 
  • QueryDSL 
  • Oauth2 (Google, Facebook),  
  • Google Calendar API 


Frontend stack:  

  • TypeScript
  • Angular, 
  • Cordova Rxjs
  • Google Console, 
  • Capacitor. 



  • Fireberry CRM,  
  • Green Invoice API,  
  • Airtable API,  
  • PHP,  
  • Wordpress  


Communication channels:

  • JIRA,
  • Slack,
  • Google Sheets,
  • Google Meet,
  • WhatsApp 





All tasks were completed on time, and best engineering practices were adhered to throughout the development process. The client's feedback has been exceedingly positive, reflecting satisfaction with the progress and quality of work. 


In partnering with our Client, we undertook the challenge of rejuvenating an English learning platform. Our team addressed critical technical issues, optimized performance, and added new functionality. Despite initial communication barriers and legacy code, we successfully navigated the project, earning high praise from the client. The ongoing work promises to continue improving the platform's capabilities and enriching the user experience in the ever-growing field of edtech. 



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