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March 24, 2023
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Our Client contacted Five hoping to create a great food delivery service with helpful recommendations and all-in-one features. This powerful platform will improve the Fastfood services for consumers and help restaurant owners increase their business and revenue.  


We were asked not only to develop both web version and mobile version of the platform but our Design department was also tasked with creating the UI/UX for the whole project.  




The idea for this project was to create an encompassing platform, where different owners can add their restaurants to the catalogs so that clients can browse their options all in one place.  


Because it was a Startup project, our Client’s main concern was the budget. It was crucial to find free or semi-free resources that would nonetheless fit the project’s idea.   


One of the important features was the implementation of the Autotranslate from English to Hebrew.  


On the Design side, the main objective was to develop a strong and original design with three user scenarios (customer, store employee and administrator). 


The interaction of the customer with the application had to be implemented using gestures, and be as simple and understandable as possible. The application intended for the store had to be designed accordingly — it had to be convenient for working on a tablet specifically, be able to quickly switch between incoming and prepared orders. The Admin part had to be made in Web. It was necessary to develop a convenient and comfortable way of creating new users, menus and stores, as well as introducing statistics by periods (year, month, week, day). 






The client supplied us with detailed instructions (wishes) on each feature and user scenario. To minimize the costs, our team conducted thorough research on the topic of free instruments and found the best available solutions.  We used free Cloud services, chat, and payment services as well as auto translate services.  


As part of the implementation, external third-party services were connected to provide functionality: Firebase for Notification and authorizations, Autotranslate - Itranslate, Payments – trazilla, and for Chat – istream 


We faced some difficulties with the integration of the StreamChat component in the system, but with the help of regular team meetings and discussions we managed to find the optimal solution. 


In the process of design development, a number of functionalities have been redone a couple of times in order to improve user interaction with the application and create the best and most pleasing result. Some new features have been added as well.   


 The visual had been completely reinvented. After discussion and research, the previous gradient design was exchanged for a simplistic and minimalistic look in the corporate blue colors.  After several edits the designs were approved and a clickable prototype was shortly developed.   


The project took us over 1 year to finish and our team consisted of: 

  • 2 Backend Developers 
  • 1 Flutter Developer 
  • 1 Designer  
  • 1 QA 
  • 1 PM 




We’ve used the latest technologies and libraries:  


  • AngularJs 



  • Flutter 
  • GetX (state manager: Routing, Localization, DI),   
  • REST API (request to backend),
  • Websocket,
  • DeepLink, 



  • Typescript
  • NestJs
  • PostgreSQL
  • Seqilize
  • Socket(ws)
  • Redis
  • Google-cloud/storage
  • Swagger
  • Docker 



  • Figma  
  • Photoshop 





Our Client received an innovative food ordering platform that acts as a complete online ordering solution and allows you to take orders through a website or mobile app.  


With this platform, a small business can grow its revenue and consumers get a convenient all-in-one solution for their food ordering.  






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