Simplifying Kindergarten Admissions: Enhancing Accessibility for American Parents
August 30, 2023
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In the American market, parents often face significant challenges when trying to find a kindergarten that fulfills all their requirements and secures a free spot for their child. The process of searching for nearby or conveniently located kindergartens, gathering essential information, reaching out to managers, and scheduling facility visits can be time-consuming and demanding for parents. As a result, they sometimes struggle to apply to their desired kindergarten in a timely manner or may even miss out on available spots unknowingly. Similarly, providers also encounter issues, such as having an excess of available places. 


To alleviate these difficulties, there is a need for improvements in the kindergarten search and enrollment process. By implementing certain measures, parents can be better supported in finding suitable kindergartens while providers can ensure their available spots are effectively utilized. 


It was our task to develop platform that will streamlines the process of finding and securing a kindergarten place in the American market, making it more efficient and less burdensome for parents. 






Our task was to develop an online platform and applications specifically designed for kindergarten admissions. The client gave us the idea and their preferences, and it was our task to bring it to live completely from scratch. Our team was responsible for both the development and design.  


The platform had to allow parents to search for kindergartens based on their location preferences and filter results based on specific criteria such as program offerings, educational philosophy, and safety measures. They had to provide detailed information about each kindergarten, including photos, videos, and reviews from other parents. Moreover, it's meant to incorporate real-time availability updates, ensuring that parents are aware of any vacant spots at their preferred kindergartens. 


Additionally, we added communication channels between parents and kindergarten administrators that simplifies the application process. 


We also developed an automating appointment scheduling systems and regular updates and notifications via email or text messages that would keep parents informed about application deadlines and available openings. 


One of the problems of this project is the need to update the number of results of the filter query for each of the search criteria (if you select another criterion, there will be +100 new results). This problem was solved using ElasticSearch.  






We have developed a web platform for parents and providers that covers their needs. Child Care Match helps parents to discover high-quality local childcare exactly for their child’s age group, and learn all about their programs including descriptions, photos, prices, and reviews from other parents. Also, it helps childcare providers to fill their open spaces and build waiting lists. 


Parents can register, select all the necessary parameters to search for a kindergarten, set their search filters to show matching programs, use a convenient map where they can apply in one click, apply for a waiting list or request a visit. Parents will also be able to receive up-to-date notifications about availability and the status of their application. 


Providers can also fill in all the necessary information about the kindergarten, so they will receive a website with all the information and save money on expensive hosting, sed and semi costs. Providers will have all applications in one place and build a waiting list of potential clients. 


They will also have access to analytics to develop and expand their business and target advertising based on user requirements. 


The backend was developed on Spring boot, communication with the frontend was done using REST, when the project has not yet been released. The backend and the database were being raised in docker containers, and then the database and file storage were moved to third-party services. 


Our team consisted of 3 people and the project took us 6 months to finish.  





We’ve used the latest technologies:  




  • Figma,  
  • Adobe Photoshop,  
  • Adobe Illustrator. 




  • Spring(boot, Security, Web, Data, mail),  
  • Liquibase,  
  • Docker,  
  • Swagger,  
  • Lombok,  
  • PostgreSQL,  
  • Java 11,  
  • Maven,  
  • Quartz 





We have developed a user-friendly platform and landing page that is ready for launch. The platform has undergone rigorous testing and optimization to ensure that it meets the needs of both parents and childcare providers. 


The design of the platform and landing page has been well-received by our clients, who are excited to launch the platform and begin connecting parents with high-quality childcare providers in their area. The landing page has been optimized for search engines, ensuring that it will be visible to potential users as soon as the platform is launched. 


As a result of our work, we are confident that Child Care Match will be a valuable resource for parents and childcare providers alike, providing a streamlined and efficient way to connect families with high-quality childcare providers. We look forward to seeing the platform launched and making a meaningful impact on the childcare industry. 


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