Enhancing the efficiency of the corporate traveling management app
February 7, 2024
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The client is a renowned travel management company with a rich history dating a century back. They are a global leader in providing corporate travel and events solutions to organizations across various specialist sectors.  



Due to the confidential nature of corporate travel data, this project is under a Non-Disclosure Agreement. 







The client approached our team with the need to support their existing codebase and to design and implement new features for their travel management application.



We developed a standalone application for the client's back-office operations. Additionally, we deployed the same application to Microsoft Azure, where it operates as a job for automating travel request processing. 



The existing codebase posed challenges in terms of understanding and extending it. Our team conducted thorough code reviews and refactoring to improve code quality.  



As the project’s operations expanded, the system needed to handle a higher volume of travel requests. We optimized database queries and introduced caching mechanisms to enhance system performance. 



Integrating the application with various third-party systems and APIs required meticulous testing and debugging.



These challenges were addressed through collaborative problem-solving, continuous communication with the client, and rigorous testing to ensure stability and reliability. 







The project is a comprehensive travel management application. Unfortunately, we cannot provide direct links, images, or a demo due to the confidential nature of the project and of it being under NDA.



This project involved working with an existing codebase and building upon it. The application was already in production when our team took over its development.



The project spanned over 18 months. The team included 8 developers, 2 quality assurance professionals, 2 project managers, and 2 database administrators.







The technology stack utilized for this project includes:



  • C#: Chosen for its versatility and strong support for developing Windows applications. 
  • .NET: Used for building scalable and maintainable software components. 
  • MSSQL Database: Employed for robust data management and storage. 








We successfully supported and enhanced the existing codebase, implementing new features and functionalities to streamline the client's travel management processes. We also deployed the application to Microsoft Azure for automated travel request processing, improving efficiency and accuracy. 

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