Empowering Educators and Students with Digital Solutions
February 7, 2024
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Our client is a prominent player in the education industry, dedicated to empowering educators and enhancing the learning experiences of K-12 students. They provide digital-first K-12 education solutions that continually evolve to meet the ever-changing demands of tomorrow's education landscape. 



Our client approached us to collaborate on their Product Management activities, specifically focusing on their Math project within their suite of educational solutions. 







One significant challenge was managing a globally distributed team across the United States, India, and Ukraine. To overcome time zone differences and ensure seamless coordination, our Project Management team worked around the clock, providing support and communication at all hours. 







Our team engaged in comprehensive Product Management for the Math project. This involved strategizing, planning, and executing initiatives to enhance and refine the product's capabilities and effectiveness. 



The Math project is an integral part of our client's suite of educational products.  



The project spanned 3-5 years and involved a dedicated team of 10-15 professionals, including Product Managers, Developers, and Infrastructure Specialists.







The project utilized a versatile and scalable tech stack: 



  • Server-Side: Ruby on Rails
  • Client-Side: Angular
  • Infrastructure: Kubernetes, AWS (Amazon Web Services), DynamoDB 



These technologies were chosen to ensure robustness, scalability, and efficiency in delivering an engaging educational experience. 







Thanks to our collaboration, the client received effective product management that aligned the Math project with educational objectives and seamless delivery of enhancements and refinements to the Math project, ensuring it remains a valuable educational resource. 



We also provided efficient management of a globally distributed team to overcome time zone challenges, ensuring smooth communication and quick delivery.  



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