Cutting-edge educational solution that enhances student’s performance
August 16, 2023
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Our Client believes that it’s impossible to teach or learn unless you know what you don’t know. This is why they’ve developed a profound understanding of the way students process information and the intricacies of real-world challenges faced by teachers. 

To make
improve the teaching process, Five was tasked with developing an educational website and application with several distinct features. 




Both the application and website had to have classrooms for teachers and students, with the possibility to buy ready-made educational programs on various subjects, with a set of theoretical articles and practical tests to test students' knowledge.  

Client’s main goal for this project was to improve the quality of education and knowledge testing among its students. 




Our team developed a module for purchasing educational programs and a separate module for actually testing students.  

cutting-edge website and app were developed for various educational institutions.

We tested the Android and iOS devices together with the whole team, to improve
the end result. 

This project took us around 10 months to finish, and our team consisted of:


  • 1 Front-end Developer 

  • 1 PM 1 QA 

  • 1 Back-end Developer 




We’ve used the latest technologies: 


OS: Windows, Mac, Web, iOs, Android 




  • Angular 11,

  • Ionic 4  


Technology Stack: 


  • JQuery 
  • underscore,  
  • Select2,  
  • Bootstrap,  
  • LESS,  
  • AngularJS 
  • MS SQL Server 2014,  
  • NHibarnate 
  • Jenkins/Sonar 




ASP.NET MVC 5.2.3 



Programming language and runtime:  


Javascript and Android SDK, IOS SDK 






Due to our thorough work and our Client’s dedication to mapping skills, concepts, and subject disciplines – and the all-critical relationships between the three, we developed an ultra-modern e-learning platform, that helps both students and teaches improve the learning process.  


All the features were done according to the wishes of our client and in alignment with the latest technologies and innovations. 



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