Advisor Platform for the Data-Driven Agriculture 
February 14, 2024
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The client is a prominent agribusiness company based in the USA, that operates across various segments of the agriculture industry, including frozen food processing, fertilizer manufacturing, cattle feeding, and related businesses.


They sought developers to support their Advisor project, a solution aimed at aiding agricultural advisors in making informed decisions regarding crops and fertilizers for agro firms, farms, and fields. 






The primary challenge was to create a comprehensive platform that could handle a myriad of agricultural data inputs and generate precise recommendations for advisors. Additionally, secure access control for sensitive agricultural data was essential. 






Our team undertook the development and enhancement of the client's Advisor project. We took a multifaceted approach to meet these challenges:


Refining Existing Product: We made substantial improvements to the existing Advisor platform to enhance its performance and usability.


New Feature Development: Novel features were developed to expand the platform's capabilities and user experience, including dynamic mapping, soil sample management, and recommendation generation.


Secure Access Control: Access to the web platform was restricted to individuals with the accounts, ensuring the security and privacy of sensitive agricultural data. 







We’ve used the latest technologies and libraries such as:  





  • React,
  • Redux,
  • TypeScript,
  • SignalR 





  • NET 6,  
  • Azure functions,  
  • Azure Event Hubs,  
  • Azure Cosmos DB,  
  • Entity Framework,  
  • AutoMapper 
  • Ms SQL 








The Advisor solution serves as a valuable tool for agricultural advisors. This comprehensive platform enables advisors to make informed decisions regarding crop selection and fertilizer usage for agrofirms, farms, and fields.



Key features include:



Mapping and Field Management: Users can add and modify fields and farms on an interactive map. Borders can be adjusted to reflect real-world conditions.


Soil Sample Management: The platform allows for the addition of soil samples, which are essential for accurate recommendations.


Cultivation Recommendations: Advisors can input data regarding desired crops, sowing schedules, and more. Based on this data, recommendations are generated automatically or manually


Variable Recommendations: The system supports multiple types of recommendations, including flat rate, variable rate, and vrt-zone. These recommendations require different data inputs and involve distinct calculations.


Order Placement: Users can place orders for crops or fertilizers, with options for delivery. Billing processes, however, are handled externally. 

In essence, the Advisor solution serves as a sophisticated configurator, facilitating data-driven decision-making for agricultural advisors, and ultimately enhancing crop yields and farm productivity. 




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