Developing the e-commerce platform for beauty products
February 7, 2024
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Our client is an established e-commerce platform specializing in perfume and beauty products. The client faced the challenge of optimizing and expanding their existing e-commerce platform to meet the growing demands of their customer base. They sought our expertise to improve and support their ongoing project. 







The project encountered challenges primarily related to the existing codebase and technologies. Compatibility issues with the old codebase and technologies slowed down development. To overcome this, we implemented features within a Docker container where the Django application ran, resolving compatibility issues and ensuring a smoother development process. 







We successfully integrated the SalesBox API into the Django application, creating a unified and extensive customer database. This integration allowed for more efficient customer relationship management and streamlined sales processes. 



The project serves as a multifaceted e-commerce platform with web and mobile components. Key features include product selection, seamless ordering, and efficient inventory management. The mobile application empowers employees to manage inventory, process orders, and interact with customers on the go. The web application, accessible to directors, enables comprehensive management and data analysis. 







Our technology stack for this project included various components such as Django for web development, Celery for task queuing, and Django REST framework for API development. This stack was chosen for its compatibility with the existing system and its capacity to support scalability. 







Our primary accomplishment in this project is the continuous improvement and maintenance of the e-commerce platform. We have ensured its functionality, scalability, and efficiency, keeping it operational with the client's evolving requirements. This has enabled the client’s project to serve its customers seamlessly and stay competitive in the online retail industry. 

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