A Comprehensive Solution for Food Distribution
February 7, 2024
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The platform is a comprehensive software solution designed to cater to the unique needs of food and beverage distributors and processors. The primary objectives of the software are:



  • Drive revenue growth and cost reduction.
  • Optimize enterprises with automated processes and improved productivity.
  • Provide rapid time to value with industry-specific expertise. 






The food distribution industry faces challenges like ensuring visibility throughout the distribution process, managing buy/sell side deals, ensuring delivery accuracy, managing inventory, and complying with food safety plans. The client aims to address these challenges by offering a scalable solution that integrates seamlessly with other systems and grows with the company.







A remote In-Sourcing team was formed to support the client’s requirements and work on the Food Distribution Software project. The team built a set of services that form the final solution.  




The platform offers a suite of purpose-built, innovative, and highly configurable modules. Some of the key features and solutions include:


  • End-to-end visibility throughout the distribution process.
  • Increased deal income through internal tools for configuring, capturing, and processing buy/sell side deals.
  • Improved day sales outstanding through reduced customer disputes and delivery accuracy.
  • Fully integrated General Ledger with drilldown capability.
  • Visibility to customer buying trends and demand forecasting.
  • Complete track and trace capability from point of receipt to delivery.
  • System-generated notifications to predict trends.
  • Extensive pricing and costing functionality.
  • E-commerce solutions for customer retention and upselling.



The Remote In-Sourcing approach enabled FIVE to collaborate closely with the client. This distinctive integration method offered the most effective means of cooperation. 






We’ve used the latest technologies and libraries such as:



  • Azure
  • .NET Core
  • React
  • Telerik & Kendo UI


  • Github Actions
  • SignalR
  • Microsoft.ML
  • Dapper
  • MS SQL Server
  • HTML5
  • JavaScript
  • TypeScript
  • Web sockets





FIVE helped the Client to start digital business in parallel. 



The platform has proven to be a valuable asset for food and beverage distributors. Some of the notable results include:


  • Inventory accuracy of up to 99.99%
  • Tangible reductions in labor and operational costs.
  • Enhanced customer retention and upselling opportunities. 



The client business has gained successful case studies with companies like Loffredo, John Gross & Company, and Four Seasons Produce showcasing significant improvements in their operations. 

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