The Best freight transportation website on Ukrainian market
March 3, 2023
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Five Systems Development is well acquainted with Transportation and Logistics projects, delivering great results in the fastest timeframes. Our Client felt that our experience in that field would be a great asset to the project. 



Our Client reached out to us in hopes of creating a modern solution to improve freight transportation. They wanted to create a website that would track all the relevant information and simplify the document flow.  







The solution had to be built completely from scratch. Our client wanted a website with an admin panel and different functions like adding a car or cargo in the personal admin panel, finding clients or transport, tracking order status, simplifying document flow and issuing the bill of lading (B/L, BOL).    







This project took us 5 months to finish. Our team consisted of 1 BA, who also acted as a PM, 2 Back-end developers, and 3 Front-end developers.  



Our team created a website that acts like an Uber for trucks and has the added benefit of simplifying document flow.  







We’ve used the latest technologies and libraries as:  




  • React  
  • Redux 
  • Typescript
  • Facebook + google services 




  • .Net 5 
  • Entity Framework 
  • FluentValidation 
  • Azure (Database, AppService, KeyVault, StorageAccount) 
  • CI/CD github+azure 
  • Google + Facebook integrations 
  • Posgresql 
  • CI/CD Github Actions 







Five Systems Development created a user-friendly, fast, and comprehensive website for tracking trucks, orders, and cargo in the least complicated way possible. It’s an elegant solution to the given problem.  

We made a good MVP product that has no competition on the Ukrainian market.  



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