Single platform productivity for construction professionals
March 1, 2023
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Frame solutions is a team of construction professionals and software engineers that came together to create solutions for the built environment. Working as consultants for an array of different companies summoned a burning desire to remove siloed systems that do not talk to each, ergo, remove the inefficiencies.



The client wanted to make the solution ready for production as soon as possible, but due to the lack of resources, it was challenging. Five Systems team was requested to help with the project. 


During the cooperation, many performance problems solutions, and architectural improvements were implemented. 








Frame Solutions believes in challenging the status quo, changing the way that it's always been done into something that's better, easier, faster, and more reliable. Documents that talk back to you, telling you key information. Finding absolutely anything you want in 3 clicks. 



The customer prepared MVP, but it was hard to make it ready for the market in time. The Client preferred to request offshore services and build ODT to execute the project. 



The Desktop App was severely outdated. It was written using the old approach to programming that was widely used about 10 years ago. 



The Architecture was in a poor state, our team did a lot of refactoring. One of our programmers did significant work in this area, improving the overall architecture.  



Due to the huge backlog and constant urgent activities, the Client was not able to allocate their team to carry out the project. Only with the help of Five Systems Development had the plans that were constantly postponed been implemented. 







Frame solutions faced resource issues when they needed to help develop and scale their system. Offshore Dedicated Team was organized to assist the client with project development and maintenance.  



280+ bugs were detected and fixed. We’ve created a solution that has a centralized view of all projects in one place, and notifies key actions/program tasks/risks in one view.  



Action/meeting minutes tracker, all meeting minutes speak back to the user, telling him who should be doing what and when. ESTA has a contract Instruction log when dealing with contract instructions on projects. The ability to have everything in one place, allowing users to find, create and send instructions in seconds.  



Unlimited secure cloud sharing, sharing of large amounts of data, O+M manuals, drawings, photos etc. This platform has an unlimited storage capacity you can share with anyone. 







For the DESKTOP APP we’ve used the latest technologies and libraries as:  



- JQuery                              

- React                                

- Typescript                       

- Rxjs 

- Webpack 

- MaterialUi 



- AWS S3       

- AWS Amplify                 

-  Electron                         

- DynamoDB 


For the WEB PORTAL we’ve used: 


 - Typescript 

 - React 




- Typescript    

-  Nest.js + Fastify 







The Client was satisfied with FIVE’s professional team. Our involvement and ability to stay current and keep the Client up to date, and especially our transparency whilst working has left a deep impression on the client. 



Time saved by Project Managers is more than 4+ hours per week. 38% of more margin without the requirement to increase headcount. 40% fewer mistakes. 



Desktop Electron application is used for issuing construction work contracts and certificates for various outcomes of the work process. Plus managing construction project instructions. On the other hand, NEW PORTAL is solely for job management.  



With the help of FIVE’s team client met his timelines and released the project on time and with the expected quality. Our team continually tested an ESTA database to check for bugs and usability. Team service also included refining all the problems for an upcoming launch 






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