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March 1, 2023
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FIVE’s Client is a Ukrainian company that specializes in HV power grids came to us with the idea of creating a system for preventing the transformer's oil from boiling or spoiling. This had to be done by the development of the gas-analyzing system for the transformer's oil. 







FIVE team had to develop the system to analyze and determine the concentrations of gases and other parameters (pressure, temperature, humidity) in real-time. The monitoring system had to be based on the use of microelectronic frequency transducers (converters). 







After the estimation we established the multi-dimensional team to work on the project, selected the proper technology set from the very beginning and implemented Agile approach, inviting the Client to be in charge of all changes. 







The key technologies used in this project are:  


  • Sensor Fusion 

  • Microcontrollers (ARM1176 JZ-F)

  • Microelectronic Frequency Converters 

  • Negative Resistance 

  • Hard Logic 

  • Custom Hardware 

  • Wi-Fi 

  • Ethernet 

  • USB 

  • Battery Power 








As the result, FIVE developed the monitoring system based on the use of microelectronic frequency transducers (converters). Eight frequency measuring channels are used in this system (CO, H2, C2H2, C2H4 concentration, the temperature and the humidity of the transformer's oil, and the pressure and the temperature in the measuring cell). Their handling is performed by the MC - ARM1176 JZ-F.  



The system can be connected to a personal computer via Wi-Fi / Ethernet / USB connector or to other communication devices with Ethernet LAN 10/100 Mb; it has a battery and external power modes. 



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