March 1, 2023
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FIVE team got a request to create a petrol station measuring system with remote access to its data from the Ukrainian fuel company. The Client had chosen FIVE for this project as we have expertise in Embedded development and could deliver the project in short timelines. 







The idea of the project was to create a petrol station’s tank fuel level real-time monitoring system that gives the opportunity for users to monitor the actual fuel levels in the petrol station's tank via a special Internet service. The user was supposed to be able to monitor the fuel level from every place with an Internet connection. The same had to be realized for the fiscal fuel level of the cash desk electronic system.   








After estimating the whole project and discussing each step with the customer FIVE team decided to develop the system based on: ESP-32 Microcontroller; fuel level sensor with temperature and dielectric density monitoring; RS232 and RS485 hardware logic converters.  



The created system was supposed to have a battery power mode and UPS for the emergency mode. The sensor data is to be handled by the ESP-32 and sent to the Cloud. 








We’ve decided to use the listed technology stack for the project: 

  • Sensor Fusion 

  • Microcontrollers (ESP-32) 

  • Fuel Level Sensor 

  • Hard Logic 

  • Custom Hardware 

  • Wi-Fi  







As a result of cooperation with FIVE, our Client has got an amazing personalized system for their business. We’ve implemented all of their needs and ideas. Now they can monitor the fuel level on the go and always keep it - under the radar.  



The fuel industry is always demanded, and should be flexible and prepared anytime to fulfill their customer needs we are proud to be a part of it! 




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