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March 1, 2023
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Our client works in the cold chain supply industry providing software and hardware solution for temperature and GPS monitoring based on cloud services. 



Their services strive to follow continuous transparency and real-time visibility.   



To achieve the highest level of quality and safety compliance, the Client requested Five to provide the necessary quality assurance testing of their product.  






The client needed to have their solution tested before each new version was released.  



Because our client is a global pharma enterprise, their product had a lot of functionality. They needed a big team to perform regression and user acceptance testing thoroughly and on time.  



Our work includes both software and hardware testing. 






Five Systems Development has a big QA team that works on ensuring product quality. 



The product provides real-time web monitoring of medicine delivery, allowing users to observe the parcel`s location, temperature, humidity etc. Specific hardware devices are used to show any excursions in temperature conditions. 



Due to the fact that the solution has wide functionality, full regression testing takes a lot of time. The team has limited time frames, and occasionally blockers would appear and postpone test case execution. 



The testing process also required specific hardware devices. Our CEO and QA Lead had a business trip to Iceland to bring them back for our team. 



The project started in September 2020 and took us a little over a year to finish. Our QA team consisted of QA Lead, 8 Manual QA Engineers, and 1 Automation QA Engineer. 





We’ve used the latest technologies for QA testing:   

  • Browser DevTools 

  • GitLab, Grafana,  

  • JSON, TestRail,  

  • Jira, Confluence,  

  • Kibana.  

  • Postman,  

  • Swagger 







Our client received a powerful supply chain insight, analytics, and responsiveness solution that works with no halting or complications. The thorough checks of both software and hardware improved the solution to the best of its abilities.  



Our client was especially satisfied with our quick and quality delivery, our professionalism, and respect.  



Our team faithfully followed the client's requirements and delivered perfect testing to a brilliant digital visibility platform.  

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