Easy, fast, and flexible web editor with an innovative approach
March 3, 2023
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Our Client produces their own devices and platform for it, which include a forum, a shop, and platforms for configuration devices separate by manufacturers. Their main goal is to make the future easier, safer, and faster. They combine a full stack and an integrated management tool for the IoT. With its secure and reliable environment, it is ideal for any organization that is planning on deploying the IoT (the internet of things).



Our Client relied on Five Systems Development’s expertise in helping them upgrade their platforms and create a new one that would use modern technologies and new innovative approaches. Five Systems is a leading Ukrainian IT company, which is why our Client reached out to us with this project.  







One of the main challenges of this project was creating a flexible web editor with various features. 



Our team conducted a thorough analysis of many web editors and their structures. We looked into and investigated libraries, Github API, looking for something that could help us describe the main features and ways to implement them.  



We developed them from scratch, step-by-step. 







We developed a new platform, which had the same functionality as the previous one, but the architecture was created scalable, and flexible. This type of architecture makes integrating new features easier: 



  • Custom theme for the platform, which can change dynamically; 
  • New web editor, which supports C++ compilation, integration with GitHub API 
  • Integration with AWS and WebHooks for deploying projects 
  • Connecting to networks, such as WiFi, LoRa, Sigfox, Ethernet, LTE
  • Optimization apollo subscriptions, because changed architecture for the backend. 



The project took us over 10 months to finish. Our team included 6 people, but we kept constant communication with other teams. 





We’ve used the latest technologies and libraries as:  




  • React,  
  • Redux,  
  • GraphQl 
  • Apollo Client,  
  • Antd, Recharts,  
  • Cypress,  
  • MQTT,  
  • Google API(Map) 




  • Express,  
  • GraphQl 
  • Apollo Server,  
  • MongoDB. 






We helped our Client significantly develop a completely new platform, innovative and with numerous features. The result was even shown at the big technology event on time! 



Our team created a wonderful new tool, conforming to our Client’s wishes and time-constrains 





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