Effective and convenient application for job seekers to navigate their career with confidence
March 14, 2023
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Five Systems Development was tasked with creating an app that would help job seekers navigate career with confidence — whether they want to find a new job, keep in touch with network/classmates, or stay up-to-date on the latest information on connections and industry. 


Our main goal was to develop a new iOS and Android application for connecting students with companies and search for compatible job offers. 






The app had to be developed both for Android and iOS and included several prominent features. The main idea of it was to develop a convenient and progressive tool for students seeking jobs and wanting to keep in touch with the industry and companies.  



The functionality had to be quite varied, including actual job search where you can upload your resume, search for openings, save searches and reach out to connections at companies you’re interested in.  



It had to have functional network, where you can add friends and colleagues, see updates and follow topics, companies and influencers.  



Latest news and updates section, with up-to-date knowledge and relevant hashtags.  



Other significant features include being able to find the nearby available connection, QR code scanner and push notifications 






We used the Agile (Kanban) methodology, fully engaging the customer and giving them the possibility to monitor tasks implementations, set/changes priorities, immediate changes in tasks if needed.  



The product was developed completely from scratch, during the 10-month period. Our team consisted of the following: 

  • 1 PM
  • 3 Backend (Java)
  • 3 Frontend (Flutter)
  • 1 QA 


We also had a Designer and DevOps engineer on request. 

Five Systems developed client/server applications with the two mobile applications (iOS, Android), web client and server side to support necessary functionality. 







We’ve used the latest technologies and libraries as Nginx, Docker, Docker Compose, Java. 





  • OS: Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS 
  • Runtime: Java 11, Docker 20.10.7 
  • DB: PostgreSQL 13.4 (postgis extension) 
  • Frameworks: spring-boot, spring-data-jpa, spring-security, spring-websockets, firebase, opencsv, lambok
  • Services: Firebase Push, Twilio, SevDesk 







  • OS: web, ios, android 
  • Programming language and runtimes: Dart and Flutter SDK
  • Networking: Dio
  • Frameworks: Flutter SDK 








We developed products from scratch, fully corresponding to the customer’s needs and parameters. The product was successfully released on the market. 



This application helps to navigate your career with confidence--whether you want to find a new job, keep in touch with your network/classmates, or stay up-to-date with your connections and your industry. 



This application for Android and iOS will help potential job seekers browse and get recommended jobs that fit, and apply easily to hundred of thousands of openings right from the app. 



Our Client was extremely satisfied with the end result, and the product is already released on the global markets 








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