FIVE's Innovative Connectivity Solution Enables Feature-Rich Digital Guitar Experience with Smartphone and Speakers
March 1, 2023
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FIVE’s Client is an American electronics-consuming company that came to us with the idea of creating connectivity for a feature-rich digital guitar.  








The connectivity subsystem project tasked to FIVE was a highly complex and challenging undertaking, but our team was up to the task. Our engineers worked diligently to develop a cutting-edge system that would seamlessly connect the guitar, smartphone, and speakers/headphones into a single unit.



To achieve this, we had to develop a system that could transfer user commands and recorded audio from/to the smartphone using both Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and WiFi protocols. In addition, we implemented a feature that would allow the stereo sound to be transmitted to speakers/headphones using Bluetooth, while also enabling control of internal audio components through MIDI via USB.







Our team conducted extensive research to select the right technologies and components to achieve the client's goals. We also worked closely with the client to ensure that the final product met all of their unique requirements and exceeded their expectations.


We’ve decided to build an Agile team that will hold the full set of technologies and skills to implement the Client’s idea. For the best possible understanding of the project, FIVE had weekly meetings and reports to the Client. The project was big and complicated but very challenging and interesting. The whole process took our team of 4 engineers about a year to finish. 






After the estimation and understanding of the process we’ve decided to use the listed technology stack:  

  • Embedded Linux 

  • BLE 

  • WiFi 

  • MIDI 

  • A2DP-profile 

  • Multi-threading 

  • C++ 

  • Audio Interface 

  • Cortex A7 







FIVE team helped the Client who was working on building a digital guitar to create the connectivity for it. We’ve helped them to make it possible to connect the guitar with smartphones, speakers and between the internal components (I2C and MIDI). It helped the Client grow the number of users and to upgrade their experience by using his feature-rich instrument. 



Overall, this project is a testament to FIVE's commitment to delivering innovative solutions that exceed our client's expectations. We are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of technology and engineering to help our clients achieve their goals and stay ahead of the competition.

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