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March 3, 2023
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FIVE’s Client is the world’s largest and most trusted diamond and jewelry trading network, delivering the best available diamonds & fine jewelry, prices, people, and market intelligence for buyers, dealers, and diamond manufacturers worldwide came to us with the challenge to make iOS and Android applications for their project. Applications that give a user the ability to find diamonds & jewelry, prices, and people on the go, with the intuitive search, easy-to-navigate Price Calculator, and the Member Directory. 









During the app's creation, FIVE faced a list of challenges from the Client’s side. First of all, we had to prepare the design and architecture for the Client-side solution. At the same time, FIVE teams had to design the mobile clients for Android and iOS, both UI and their internal functionality. We had to work fast, be available 24/7, and be able to implement new features very fast as the initial version had to be in the stores in a few months from the project kick-off date 








FIVE started working on the project in March 2018 and we are still working on support of the applications and adding new features as we have to stay up-to-day.  



During this time from our side, we’ve had 3 iOS developers involved, 3 Android developers, and 2 QA engineers.  



We’ve built an agile team that holds a full set of technologies and skills to implement server-side and mobile clients. Selected proper technologies to be able to do fast development and meet the Client’s timelines. Implemented the delivery cycle in a way that customers release new apps to mobile stores in every two weeks and promote the Client’s applications in the stores. 







For mobile applications development we’ve used the listed technologies:  

  • Java for Android Native Client 
  • Kotlin for Android  
  • Objective C for iOS Client 
  • Swift for iOS Client 








As a result of FIVE’s work, the Client got both iOS and Android applications with attractive designs, and easy user-oriented functionality. They’ve been able to attract new customers and increase the number of users extremely. With our applications, clients' customers have access to thousands of verified buyers and sellers worldwide and instant availability of hundreds of thousands of diamonds and fine jewelry.



Real-time discounts so they get the best prices, direct deals so there is no commission or transaction fees, online access to the Price List, and news and market information. 



We love to see our Clients grow and are happy to be a part of such great innovations! 



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