Developing express logistics platform that provides supply chain solutions for businesses across Southeast Asia
March 1, 2023
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Our client wanted to make a hassle-free delivery platform with the leading courier company across Southeast Asia. Whether it’s parcel collection or home delivery, they wanted to make life easier for both shippers and recipients. 



To make this a reality, our client requested Five’s help to redesign their platform and cover code with tests. 








For our client it doesn’t matter whether you're a big e-commerce platform, a local blog shop, or simply a casual seller - it takes delight in delivering promptly for their customers. For this very reason, it was Five’s job to make sure everything works as intended.  


One of the biggest hurdles for this project was the time difference. Server dislocation caused long delays on requests, and querying data and building took tones of time while testing.  







The company website uses CMS, and they had problems with Parcel Boxes. It was necessary to cover the whole code with tests in order to figure out whether the problem is on the hardware or software side. 



The project took our team 2.5 months. At first, it was only 1 developer involved, but then one more had been added. 








We’ve used the latest technologies and libraries such as:  

  • Gatsby.js 

  • Kentico Content CMS,  

  • React. 








This platform is a tech-enabled express logistics company providing supply chain solutions for businesses of all sizes across Southeast Asia.  It connects Southeast Asia to a world of possibilities and Five Systems Development is proud to have been able to contribute to its success!  



We followed the requests laid out for us by our client and make sure to improve and thoroughly check the existing code. As a result, our client received an improved version of their platform and is back to successfully providing for businesses of all sizes.  



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