The innovative system is designed as the radiometer for monitoring biogas plants
March 1, 2023
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FIVE had got a request from the Client is a German company that is specialized in the electrical power industry. They asked us to create a system for biogas-producing monitoring with further transferring to the PC. 








The system had to be designed as the radiometer for monitoring biogas plants. The main purpose was to analyze and determine gas concentrations and other parameters in real-time. During the project, the Client asked FIVE to add more features. 







FIVE had to build an Agile team that holds a full set of technologies and skills to implement the solution and select proper technologies to be able to do fast development and meet client timelines. 








We’ve used the latest technologies as:  


  • Sensor Fusion

  • Microcontrollers

  • Microelectronic Frequency Converters

  • Negative Resistance 

  • Wi-Fi 

  • Ethernet 

  • USB  







The end product was even better than expected. The system was successfully developed, tested, and implemented in the Client's business. 



The system was designed as a radiometer for monitoring biogas plants with the main purpose to analyze and to determine gas concentrations and other parameters (pressure, temperature, humidity) in real-time; to collect data about the work of a biogas plant to identify problems; to compare different types of the fuel. The design and development were based on the microelectronic frequency converters and their signals handled by the microcontroller's firmware. 



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