AI-powered construction solution that turns imagery into insights and brings extraordinary outcomes
March 7, 2023
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Our Client is a visionary that leverages next-generation computers and AI to create insights for data-driven decisions. Their goal is to improve construction projects, by bringing breakthrough artificial vision technology into the construction sector.  



Our Client was entering the American market and expanding in terms of technology, but the mobile app was only on Android. Our team was requested to create an app for iOS 15+ platforms. 








To expand, our Client needed a client-server mobile app on the iOS 15+ platforms.  



The platform had problems with the main logic of the application and how the old processes should work in the new application. We didn't have the exact understanding or documentation on how it worked already. 







Our team made the app from scratch. We also made suggestions for improvements to the current services and systems we used on the project. 


We took all the information from the Client and Android developers, and then together with the iOS team drew block diagrams, tables, designs, and diagrams for all the processes that we did not understand, and then implemented them into the code. We constantly had discussions with different teams. 



Various complicated bugs in the application were solved by testing the developers' and testers' applications during meetings so that we could figure out the reasons for the problems faster. 



The project lasted for more than four months. 



There were several teams on this project.  Specifically, on iOS we had 8 people, including managers and testers + 3 iOS developers.  







We’ve used the latest technologies and libraries such as:  

  • iOS 15+,  
  • MVVM+Clean Architecture,  
  • SwiftUI, Combine,  
  • CoreData,  
  • RestAPI/Alamofire, 
  • Local/Push Notifications,  
  • CocoaPods 
  • Google SDK,  
  • Firebase,  
  • Amazon SDK. 







The solution dramatically exceeds human capabilities in the inspection and analysis of the construction process. The platform, already deployed with leading general contractors and owners, assesses project execution quality, budget, and schedule. The platform our team helped create effectively reduces project risk, improves efficiency, and increases ROI.  



Thanks to the development of the American market, which is possible because there is an iOS app, the client has received new investments from investors and moved on to the next round, which helps the company to develop and work on new projects 



This platform is a successful and ambitious project that could be considered a must-have component within the construction ecosystem. We believe it’ll change how construction projects are executed and managed. 




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