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August 30, 2023
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In the fast-evolving landscape of task management and collaboration tools, a need arose for a comprehensive platform that seamlessly integrates various functionalities into one cohesive solution. Our client identified this gap and embarked on a journey to create a robust, all-in-one platform that could rival the likes of Slack, Jira, and MS Teams. 




The initial development of the multitenant task management platform faced several hurdles. A previous team attempted to build the platform but struggled due to its complexity. The client recognized the need for a more capable team to take over and enhance the product. 


The collaboration between the client and Five Systems Development began with the realization that the project required a fresh approach. Our team took over the development reins, starting by addressing existing issues, improving features, and implementing new functionalities. The goal was to create a seamless user experience across chats, video calls, calendars, file management, and more. 





The project inherited some challenges from the previous team, including poorly written code and unfavorable architecture. Five Systems Development tackled these challenges head-on through a combination of refactoring, bug fixing, and architectural improvements. This step was crucial to lay a strong foundation for future development and ensure the stability of the platform. 


Since Five Systems Development's involvement, significant progress has been made. The project transitioned from a state of uncertainty to a stable and functional platform. The initial commit marked the start of a transformative journey on November 3, 2022. Through meticulous coding, continuous testing, and a steadfast commitment to excellence, the platform evolved into a professional-grade product, primed for further enhancements. 


Our team consisted of 6 people: 


  • 1 PM 
  • 3 Frontend Developers 
  • 2 Backend Developers 






The task management platform was built using a versatile tech stack, leveraging Angular, Node.js, Ionic (for iOS and Android), and Electron/Tauri for desktop versions (MacOS and Windows). This comprehensive tech stack allowed for a consistent experience across various platforms and devices. 





The task management platform, which started as an ambitious vision, transformed into a versatile and efficient tool for collaboration, task management, and communication. By addressing code quality issues, architectural shortcomings, and introducing new features, Five Systems Development succeeded in elevating the project to a level where it meets the client's expectations and offers a solid foundation for future growth and innovation. As the journey continues, Five Systems Development remains committed to driving the platform's evolution and contributing to its ongoing success. 



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