Seamless Instruction Management and Machine Operations
August 31, 2023
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A leading global provider of labelling and packaging solutions sought to revolutionize the label printing industry by leveraging innovative IT solutions. They are recognized by our customers as a preferred provider of pressure-sensitive, shrink sleeve and security labels as well as flexible solutions.  


With a vast network of production sites worldwide, they aimed to streamline their operations, enhance productivity, and deliver exceptional customer experiences. As IT developers, our task was to develop a comprehensive platform that would enable our Client to digitally transform their label printing and packaging processes. 




Our task was to create a new application that will be used on PC and tablet to display content with instructions for machines, manage it and users' permissions. 


The application needed to support a wide range of instructions and content types, including text, images, videos, and interactive media. The challenge was to design a structured system to organize and categorize the content for easy retrieval and navigation. 


The application also required a robust user management system to define and enforce permissions. Different roles within the manufacturing environment needed varying levels of access to the content, ensuring that only authorized personnel could view and modify instructions. 


Building a responsive application that could seamlessly function on both PCs and tablets posed a technical challenge. The development team needed to ensure optimal user experience and performance across different devices and screen sizes. 





Our team developed a web application with a separate server and client.   


The development team meticulously crafted a solution that addressed the client's requirements and overcame the challenges at hand. 


The application featured a user-friendly interface to upload, organize, and manage content. The development team implemented a structured categorization system, enabling easy content search and retrieval based on machine types, categories, or keywords. 


A comprehensive user management module was integrated into the application, allowing administrators to define user roles and assign granular permissions. This ensured that only authorized personnel could access and modify the instructions, maintaining data integrity and security. 


The application was developed using responsive design principles, ensuring compatibility across PC and tablet platforms. The user interface was optimized to provide a seamless and consistent experience, irrespective of the device being used. 


To accommodate the manufacturing environment, where network connectivity may be intermittent, the application allowed users to download content for offline access. Any changes made offline would synchronize automatically when network connectivity was restored. 


This project took us 4 months to complete, and our team consisted of: 


  • 1 Backend Developer 
  • 1 Frontend Developer  
  • 1 QA,  
  • 1 BA 





We’ve used the latest technologies:  




  • PHP 8.1 
  • Postgres 
  • Memcached
  • Laravel 9 





  • Nuxt 3 
  • Pinia 
  • Vue 3 
  • i18n 





Our development team successfully delivered a content management application that streamlined instructions and user permissions across PC and tablet platforms. The application's intuitive interface, robust user management, cross-platform compatibility, and offline accessibility empowered our client to efficiently manage machine instructions in a manufacturing environment, enhancing productivity and operational efficiency. 



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