Creating a volunteer platform where those in need can get the assistance they require 
March 1, 2023
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A non-profit volunteer organization that specializes in connecting institutions and people with existing worldwide resources, through online platforms and interpersonal connections asked Five Systems Development’s help in developing a flexible platform for volunteering purposes. 



The client hired our team to completely develop this idea from scratch, including not only the technical solution but the design as well.  





From the technical side, our Client provided us with a business idea and a list of requirements. They wanted to create a web and mobile platform that would act as a calendar for various volunteering events so that interested parties can access this information and join in.  



It had to have a chat function, admin panel, and statistical information and be adaptable enough to also be used in a similar fashion in schools.  



The essential part of this website was, that the more help you do, the higher your Hasidic level will become.  



According to the requirements, a system was designed that takes into account age, location, and type of activity that a person could provide.   








The business logic changed many times, which slowed down the development process.  



During development, some features were redone several times to improve the user experience with the app, and to achieve the best and most enjoyable result. We also added some extra new features.    



We made the interface design, developed the full visual look of the website, and did prototyping.  



The website has the functionality of 3 roles: admin, user, and volunteer. We created a user flow, UI kit, and adaptable desktop and mobile versions.   



We also made different sections to make the user flow easier. The sections went as follows: Account settings, My Hasid, Career, Chat, and About us.   



Based on the client’s requirements, our team also created illustrations and growth maps. 



For the best performance, clear understanding of the project, and problems solving, we decided to conduct meetings, monthly reports, availability and dedication to the project 24/7. It helped us gain the Client’s trust which is always important to us. 



Our team consisted of 9 people: 3 Backend developers, 2 Front end developers, 1 QA specialist, 1 Flutter developer, 1 Designer, and 1 PM 







We’ve used the latest technologies and libraries. 



For Front end we used 


  • React js 

  • TypeScript  

  • Redux 


For the Base: 


  • TypeScript 

  • NodeJS 

  • NestJS 

  • TypeORM 

  • Postgres 

  • Microservice architecture 


For Integration: 


  • Stream-chat 

  • Stripe 




  • Docker 

  • AWS (S3, Pinpoin, CodePipeline, Codeartifact, Codecommit, Elastic BeanStalk, CloudFormation, RDS) 

  • Firebase (auth, messaging, hosting (front)) 


For mobile iOS and Android: 

  • Flutter 


For Design we used: 

  • Figma 

  • Adobe Photoshop 

  • Adobe Illustrator  






According to the client's demands and wishes, our team created a perfect web and mobile platform, with comprehensive logic, design and several user scenarios.    



We provided a technical and visual solution that completely followed the client's ideas, making them a tangible reality.  



The finished platform has a very convenient client-volunteer connection, a selection of activities and a personal account with a Hasidic rating and a history of volunteering. 




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